Calling on Krum!!! Our neighbors in Jacksboro need our support. Their track facilities were damaged in the recent tornado. They had some track meets scheduled next week but due to the damage they could not hold them. Krum ISD and the Track coaches offered to hold the track meet here. KABC is going to run concessions for the event and donate a portion of the proceeds to the Jacksboro Booster Club. We have also set up a specific donation line item for this event and will donate 100% of those funds collected to the Jacksboro Booster club.
Please click on the link to visit our website and select to volunteer in the concession stand or make a one-time donation..or BOTH!!!


Click Here to Volunteer at the Concession Stand

a percentage of our proceeds will go to Jacksboro Booster Club


Click on the image below to make a one-time donation to Jacksboro